Rotary Club of Upper Eden
Sunday 3rd June 2018


Run or walk on Cumbrian Fells

23, 11.5 or 6.5 miles
Official Yomp Sponsor

Yomp 2009 Results - Trophy Winners

Please forward queries to John Andrew

Trophy For Winner Time
Full Yomp - Individuals
Wild Boar Cup Fastest Male Overall Peter Brittleton 3hrs 13mins
Mallerstang Cup Fastest Female Overall Jayne Bland 4hrs 36mins
Hellgill Cup Fastest U/16 Male Ross Urry 7hrs 13mins
Glitsch Cup Fastest U/16 Female Frances Leach/Claire Huck 8hrs 12mins
Nine Standards Veterans Cup Fastest Person 60 & over G Nicholson 4hrs 52mins
Swarth Fell Trophy Fastest Local Male Peter Brittleton 3hrs 13mins
Nateby Trophy Fastest Local Female Jayne Bland 4hrs 36mins
Full Yomp - Teams
‘K’ Shoes Shield Fastest Team Overall Howgill Harriers 10hrs 50mins
Aisgill Summit Cup Fastest Civilian Non-Local Team Helm Hill Harriers 11hrs 42mins
Warcop Cup Fastest Regular Services Team 110 Squadron RLC Team A 19hrs 43mins
Roman Fell Cup Fastest Volunteer Reserve Team LUOTC Team B 25hrs 37mins
PFK Trophy Fastest school or youth organisation Nevs Malbank Group 14hrs 55mins
Rotary Cup Fastest local sports club or assoc Howgill Harriers 10hrs 50mins
Half Yomp
Faraday Shield Fastest Male Overall Alex Birtles 1hr 38mins
Equals Existing Record
Nine Standards Cup Fastest Female Overall Pauline Tyson 2hrs 12mins
Kirkby Stephen Trophy Fastest Team Overall Catering Support Team A 5hrs 26mins
Tailbridge Trophy Fastest U/16 Male Patrick Hanna 1hr 52mins
New Record
Dalefoot Trophy Fastest U/16 Female Tessa Higgs/Bethany Edmunson/Amy Davis 4hrs 23mins
Fletcher Hill Trophy Fastest  O/60 M Knight 2hrs 20mins
Short Yomp
Medal Fastest U/12 Male Ben Andrew 1hr 30mins
Medal Fastest U/12 Female Hannah Andrew 1hr 47mins
Medal Fastest U/16 Male Connor Ladhams/Ben Walsh 1hr 24mins
Medal Fastest U/16 Female Leanne Cooper/Keeley Edmundson 1hr 35mins
Medal Fastest Male Bruce Corrie/John Andrew 1hr 47mins
Medal Fastest Female Angela Dargue/Jeanette Cooper 1hr 46mins
Pendragon cup Fastest Primary School Team Long Marton 7hr 27mins